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Hayhoull Bed & Breakfast 01950 422 206

Bigton is ideally located for tourists with St Ninian's Isle and the sand tombolo (the longest in Europe). It is also not far from Sumburgh Cape where the airport is and the lighthouse and one can go and see the colonies of seabirds i.e. shags, guillemots, fulmars and the famous puffins. You can also be lucky enough to see killer and minke whales. Not to mention otters around the coast line. 

Bigton is also a short trip to Shetland's capital, Lerwick, and then from there you can travel to the west, north and south on the A970 to the islands of Shetland, the two dominant ones being Yell and Unst with the small isles of Whalsay, Fetlar, Papa Stour, Foula and Fair Isle which is actually down the south end of Shetland, from the airport.

Hayhoull is a four star establishment and offers a very comfortable stay either for  one night or a week. You get greeted by your very friendly welcoming hosts Les and Mary Andreas. For further details go to their website through the link on the homepage on this site or ring the number above for further enquiries.


Because there has been suddenly such a huge interest in my pictures I can now offer for sale photos that have been featured on my site. They will also be on sale in The Spinning Wheel in Lerwick, on the Esplanade, just next to Harry's Department store.

If there are particular photos that you would like please do contact me. Specify what size you are looking for. They run from 6x4 inchs up to poster size and I can then confirm a price to you by return. You can email me direct on matthew.lawrence9@tiscali.co.uk . Please allow up to two weeks for delivery as this is the Shetland Isles and post can on occasion be slow! Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or direct payment to my account and postage is included in the price.


Hi to those TARS members who may log on occasionally. This website with the diary is about Life in Shetland and modestly if I say so is a jolly good read. I hope you enjoy the website and get inspired to visit Shetland during the Summer months to see the wild and marine life! You can do everything up here, sailing, fishing, birdwatching, walking, cycling and sightseeing. Come and see the puffins at Sumburgh Head!

I hope more of you will get in touch as it is really nice to hear from like minded people who enjoy reading, sailing, fishing, camping and pirates and adventuring! Great stuff!!


Matthew Lawrence

More Shetland music sites

Readers of my diary have been asking for more stuff about Shetland music and local musicians. Well I have put a link on for Malachy Tallack's website, he is a young musician who lives in Fair Isle and will be editing Shetland Life - a monthly magazine for Shetlanders and those abroad who keep close links with Shetland. His music is the feature for this month on the Diary page. He is very kindly sending me his latest CD so I will be able to put some more tracks on for those of you who enjoy Shetland's musical talents so much. See his site as it also features lots of links to other Shetland musicians' websites like Rock, Salt and Nails, Catriona McDonald, Jenna Reid and much more. http://www.malachytallack.com/

Shoormal have released a new album this year through Greentrax Records. Their tour down South was by all accounts a resounding success. For more information check out their website. See the link on my home page.

There is also new website called Zetcast (http://www.zetcast.com) which is a not-for-profit collective administered by Shetlanders which apart from being a source for our community also promotes our culture, the music and arts to the rest of the world. So take a look and tell all your friends about it!

The artist in his studio

Paul Bloomer in his studio. He had a very successful exhibition in London at the Boundary Gallery and he is working extremely hard producing fresh work but still managing to fit in being a househusband, some fishing, making rhubard wine and teaching. His website link is on the front page so check it out.

Gremista Bod

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